On the Easel

When I start a painting now I start with just playing with paint for the first layer. Not thinking of a plan or what the outcome will be, just play. At times you fall in love with the first layer but in order to make a stronger and better painting your must move on.

That is exactly what happened with the piece that’s on my easel right now. I got the first layer down, fell in love but when I went to carry on I just didn’t know how to move forward and found it was just creating frustration so I did the next best move, I painted over it with something totally different and let the energy of the first piece inspire me to work at painting looser and combine abstract and realism to push myself further in my art.

In order to force myself to loosen up I took the brush out of my tools and replaced it with rubber scrapers, palette knives, rubber tip tools, toothbrush, stylus, pencil for scribbles and sand paper.

Here are the tools and progress so far on this country side piece from Ireland titled “Father Ted’s” (this house was used for the Brittish series “Father Ted”) Watch for progression of this piece in upcoming Blog post.