Ireland Inspiration

This summer we had the joy of traveling to Ireland, what a magical land of beauty. I always come home with a desire to paint some of the beauty we encounter on new adventures. This year I knew sheep would be the first painting to happen with our visit to a sheep farm. We watched them being herded into their pen by the amazing sheep dog, getting a hands on opportunity to shear a sheep and chat with the shepherd on the business, struggles and care of these “Connemara Blackface” mountain sheep. Their wool being coarse is used for attic installation and carpets unlike the lowland sheep’s wool that is used for clothing.

Here are two of my newest paintings that are a result of our travels and being around these adorable sheep. “Dye, Shear, Spin & Weave” 12x12, “Turn Around” 36x36, acrylic on wood panels. These pieces will be shown at the upcoming Hillcrest Fine Art Exhibit Feb 2020 (hit the exhibit tab for more information)