Back in Art2Life class by Nicholas Wilton

I am enrolled in Art2Life as well as a member of the Art2Life Academy.  Best investment I have ever made for the ongoing process of learning and improving my art. Top notch instructor's who teach and challenge you to take your art up a notch as well as working with artist through out the world. Priceless!  12 weeks of class, so far we have made Inspiration, Desire and Past, Present and Futures boards about our art and this weeks assignment was to work on 3 boards, two for play and the third is called a throw away board that you wipe off your brushes and extra paint on. Artist have shared that the throw away board often becomes one of their best paintings in the series or shoots them in a new direct of their art by just applying paint without thinking.

Pictured are a few assignments up to date to give you and idea of this amazing class that inspires as well as pushes me to make better art.