New Website

This website represents the start of stepping into my current work of mixed media. My creative progression started in the field of Fashion Design back in 1974 where I spent 16 years working in the fashion industry.  When we started our family in 1992 I stopped working full time and did freelance work to be able to stay home and raise our children.

In 1997 I changed professions and started a tile painting and mural business for home decor for a number of years then in 1998 I began my passion into painting starting with oil than transitioned into my current form of mixed media in 2011. 

What you see in this website represents years of creative work learning from books and some amazing teachers I have had the privilege of studying under. I am for ever grateful to Segrim Stewart, Desiree Baker, Kwok Wai Lau, Lisa Cyr, Crista Cloutier, MOMA NY, Nicholas Wilton and my art tribe in the Art2LifeAcademy.