On the Easel

When I start a painting now I start with just playing with paint for the first layer. Not thinking of a plan or what the outcome will be, just play. At times you fall in love with the first layer but in order to make a stronger and better painting your must move on.

That is exactly what happened with the piece that’s on my easel right now. I got the first layer down, fell in love but when I went to carry on I just didn’t know how to move forward and found it was just creating frustration so I did the next best move, I painted over it with something totally different and let the energy of the first piece inspire me to work at painting looser and combine abstract and realism to push myself further in my art.

In order to force myself to loosen up I took the brush out of my tools and replaced it with rubber scrapers, palette knives, rubber tip tools, toothbrush, stylus, pencil for scribbles and sand paper.

Here are the tools and progress so far on this country side piece from Ireland titled “Father Ted’s” (this house was used for the Brittish series “Father Ted”) Watch for progression of this piece in upcoming Blog post.

Ireland Inspiration

This summer we had the joy of traveling to Ireland, what a magical land of beauty. I always come home with a desire to paint some of the beauty we encounter on new adventures. This year I knew sheep would be the first painting to happen with our visit to a sheep farm. We watched them being herded into their pen by the amazing sheep dog, getting a hands on opportunity to shear a sheep and chat with the shepherd on the business, struggles and care of these “Connemara Blackface” mountain sheep. Their wool being coarse is used for attic installation and carpets unlike the lowland sheep’s wool that is used for clothing.

Here are two of my newest paintings that are a result of our travels and being around these adorable sheep. “Dye, Shear, Spin & Weave” 12x12, “Turn Around” 36x36, acrylic on wood panels. These pieces will be shown at the upcoming Hillcrest Fine Art Exhibit Feb 2020 (hit the exhibit tab for more information)

W7 Art Exhibit

Back for my sixth year at the fantastic “W” Exhibit in my hometown of Whittier, CA. The city is so supportive of the artist in our city giving us a great exhibit venue and certificate of thanks. This year I was challenged to provide a large painting so I unveiled Rest, 36x48. The painting is from a photo I took of a room up in Napa Ca at a sweet B&B. I replaced a bistro table with a vintage classy blue chair to set the mood to encourage you to take a seat, grab a book, a cup of Joe and rest.

Alisal Ranch, Crown Capital Securities Exhibit

Honored to be asked back once again for a solo exhibit for Crown Capital Securities. Each year they put together a lovely event with Great music by Ry Bradley, Wine & Chocolate tasting, Essential Oils, jewelry and my art display. Blessed to have sales with my art traveling to NY City, Nashville, TN, Lake Oswego OR, San Diego, Lancaster and Orange County, CA

Largest Painting to Date

I love to be challenged in my work, my friend, Roberto Chavez and curator of the W7 art exhibit challenged me to do a large painting for this years 2018 exhibit. Here is the result of that challenge.
Solitude 3’x4’ Mixed Media on panel

New Book

Hot off the press...my first art book with 10 pieces of my art. Check back, it will be available soon for purchase in my print gallery.  More details to come.

Alisal Ranch Crown Capital Solo Exhibit 2018

Back by invitation once again I had the opportunity for a solo exhibit for Crown Capital Securities at the beautiful Alisal Ranch, Solvang Ca



Back in Art2Life class by Nicholas Wilton

I am enrolled in Art2Life as well as a member of the Art2Life Academy.  Best investment I have ever made for the ongoing process of learning and improving my art. Top notch instructor's who teach and challenge you to take your art up a notch as well as working with artist through out the world. Priceless!  12 weeks of class, so far we have made Inspiration, Desire and Past, Present and Futures boards about our art and this weeks assignment was to work on 3 boards, two for play and the third is called a throw away board that you wipe off your brushes and extra paint on. Artist have shared that the throw away board often becomes one of their best paintings in the series or shoots them in a new direct of their art by just applying paint without thinking.

Pictured are a few assignments up to date to give you and idea of this amazing class that inspires as well as pushes me to make better art.

My art is now featured at Shepherd's Glen Whittier

As of March 9th my art now is featured at a wonderful new store in Whittier, Shepherd's Glen. Come in and stroll through European products, personal care pampering items, olive oil blends, specialty foods and home decor.  You will love it!

I soon will be setting up an easel and painting in the store, announcements will be made on Instagram and Facebook on the days I will be in the store.  Here is a link to their Instagram account to check out the store. https://www.instagram.com/shepherdsglenwhittier/?hl=en

Preview of my art tucked into this fabulas store, stop on by.

Hillcrest 2018 Exhibit

Honored to be apart of the 58th Hillcrest Fine Art Exhibit. A place to reconnect with fine artist in the area, meet new artist and spend the weekend connecting with old and new collectors of art. This year I submitted three pieces for the exhibit pictured below.

Two giants of the Whittier art community, Armando Baeza (his bronze pictured) and Yoshio Nakamura another fine artist and one of my treasured cheerleaders who encourages me in my art making. 

W6 Exhibit 2017

W6 Thew Art Exhibit What a great opening of the W6 Art Exhibit on Nov.17th, many friends honored me by coming, City of Whittier honored each of the artist with a certificate and the bonus was sales. Thank you, you touched my heart deeply!

New Website

This website represents the start of stepping into my current work of mixed media. My creative progression started in the field of Fashion Design back in 1974 where I spent 16 years working in the fashion industry.  When we started our family in 1992 I stopped working full time and did freelance work to be able to stay home and raise our children.

In 1997 I changed professions and started a tile painting and mural business for home decor for a number of years then in 1998 I began my passion into painting starting with oil than transitioned into my current form of mixed media in 2011. 

What you see in this website represents years of creative work learning from books and some amazing teachers I have had the privilege of studying under. I am for ever grateful to Segrim Stewart, Desiree Baker, Kwok Wai Lau, Lisa Cyr, Crista Cloutier, MOMA NY, Nicholas Wilton and my art tribe in the Art2LifeAcademy.

It All Started When...

It all started when...

The day I transferred from my drama class to a art class and discovered I could draw. I always doodled on all my papers but now I was learning to do so much more and have done some form of creative work ever since. Life is just off a beat if I am not doing something creative.